Nadorg-150x150 Nadorg Gel


  • Nadifloxacin 1% Gel


  • Bacterial Skin Infections:
    Twice Daily for 1-2 weeks
  • Acne Vulgaris:
    Twice Daily for a maximum Period of 6 Months


  • Broad Spectrum Anti-Bacterial Action at low MIC
  • Inhibits the enzyme DNA gyrase that is involved in bacterial DNA synthesis
  • Active against Aerobic Gram Positive, Gram Negative and anaerobic bacteria, P acne and S epidermis
  • Active Against new quinolone resistant MRSA
  • No reported bacterial resistance for last 13 years
  • European Journal of Pediatrics mentioned that Nadifloxacin is effective and well tolerated in Bacterial Skin Infections even in children below 1 year of age

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