Skin Care products and pharmaceutical medicines are a growing business and their demand will only increase. People of all ages and from all socio-economic strata increasingly demand best quality skin care products and skin care medicines manufactured by reliable dermatology pharma companies.

As the need for skin care products and derma pharma increases to take care of skin from natural elements, increasing pollution and dangerous chemicals, a well-connected derma PCD franchise company stands to gain enormously from being at the right place at the right time. The space for quality products from a derma pharma franchise selling produce of a reputed brand and recommended dermatologists and physicians opens and you can reap benefits of it.

Starting your own business is awesome as you will never have to work for someone else in your life ever again. Starting a PCD pharma business is more rewarding as you are helping people out while making money. Before you sign on the dotted line to official become a franchise partner, you must remember to check all aspects of the deal and the business very carefully.

I – Understand What It Is

A franchise is a legal contract between the Franchiser and the Franchisee, where the Franchiser delegates the authority on the franchisee to use its products, designs, and brands, in a specified locality or region for a specified duration. The Franchiser can attract other to take the franchise only if the brand has great reputation and strong recall value with a loyal and growing customer base. There must always be a value proposition for the Franchisee to benefit from it and best derma franchise in India do just that.

II – The Franchise Options – Retail or Wholesale

The skin care franchise is structured like a pyramid where the pharma product manufacturer sits at the top, the distributors and wholesalers come below it, and the retail stores and pharmacies come at the bottom. The wholesalers purchase bulk quantities directly from one or more manufacturers and sell them to pharma retailers and general stores (for over the counter products). A derma PCD franchise company can be either a retailer or a wholesaler depending on the investments to me made, work to be done and other such factors. Initially, it may be a good idea to start as a retailer or a single party wholesaler.

III – Documentation Needed

As skin care products fall under the category of pharmacy products, even the simplest of body lotions do, some necessary documents are needed to start a franchise for them.

  • Certificate from Pharmacy Council of India (if you are a retail pharmacy)
  • Drug license copy stating you are wholesaler/retailer of products
  • License from Local Authority under the Shops and Establishments Act
  • PAN Card copy
  • GST Certificate copy
  • Road Transport Permits (if applicable)

IV – Work with a Certified Company

  • Finding and choosing a suitable and reputed PCD franchise company with various licenses, quality certifications is not very difficult and partnering with them will be in your long-term benefit. You must always associate with a company that never cuts corners and is trustworthy. Having DGCI License, ISO certification, US FDA Approval, etc. all indicate that you are going to a start a trusted partnership with a well-known company.
  • Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) License
  • ISO Certification for Quality
  • US Food and Drug Administration (US-FDA) approval.
  • World Health Organization (WHO) Certification.
  • Good Manufacturing Products (GMP) License from Local authority.

V – Select Products Carefully

Many companies have a bouquet of products in their portfolio, so it is very important to first check all the products they offer. Choosing a reputed, well received and established brand of derma pharma product will ensure that you never have it stocked in your shelves for too long and there is always a regular and increasing demand for the products you sell. Associating with good products will give you a firm grip on the market and you won’t lose to competitors.

VI – Investment plan

Investment is measured in terms of capital, or one-time bulk investment, or operational, or recurring expenditure to meet recurring business expenses. How much initial money you are going to need will depend on the franchise fee, credit terms, quantity of products you will need to pick up, the storage requirements, distribution requirements and so on. Once operational, the recurring expenses must be recouped from business operations themselves with enough amounts left on the table after meeting them.

VII – Check Area

Though pharma or derma pharma products are in demand in all territories, in some areas they are in more demand due to environmental or living conditions. Within your allotted territory a good location for your office or store is just as important. Some key points to consider before finalizing territory and store location are: population demographics, state of competition, connectivity & visibility of location, amenities and utilities, location costs like rent or lease, and personal factors.

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