Clotorg-B-Lotion-150x150 CLOTORG-B Lotion
  • A broad spectrum antifungal used topically to treat a variety of superficial fungal Infections, including candidiasis and tinea.


  • Clotrimazole 1%
  • Betamethasone 0.025%


  • A potent yet safe steroid with minimal incidences of side effects as compared to other topical steroid.


  • Potent vasodilator, stimulates the growth of terminal hair from vellus orminiaturized follicles in balding scalpSociety for Investigative Dermatology 2012
  • Increases microcirculation at the root of the hair follicle thereby stimulatinghair growthHandbook of Dermatological Drug therapy 2011
  • Maintains good vascularization of hair follicles in Androgenetic AlopeciaBJD Volume 138, issue 3, Pages 407-411, March 1998
  • Well tolerated by most people & is safe to use both in men & women
  • No effect other than reduction in rate of hair loss is seen during the firstmonths of therapyHandbook of Dermatological Drug Therapy 2011
  • A World Wide Study proves that Aminexil results in 8% increase in hairthickness within 6 weeks compared to placebo.
  • ANPECIA provides additional benefits of Aminexil for addressing PerifollicularFibrosis.
  • ANPECIA Enables DUAL ATTACK on both Pathophysiological factors of AGA

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