Calgray-150x150 Calgray Tab.
  •  Canities Successful treatment of grey hairs with 200 mg calcium pantothenate daily Indian Association of Dermatologist, Venereologists and Leprologists
  •  Alopecia Increment of mean anagen rate to 81% in contrast to placebo after 6 months of treatment
    with dietary supplements containing 60 mg calcium pantothenate BD
  •  Improves Hair Quality Two studies reported improved hair quality after 4 months of use
    in persons with diffuse effluvium capillorum and agnogenic structural alterations of hair


  • Pantothenic Acid CoA Acetyl and Acyl transfer reactions & processes for oxidative Metabolism & Catabolism


  • Central role in metabolic energy generation  Donates acetyl & fatty acyl modifying groups
  • Structural integrity of cells  Production of carbohydrates + phospholipids
  • Regulates location & activity of wide variety of proteins via acetylation  Signal transduction – Gene transcription Cellular transport – Membrane fluidity

Therapeutic dosing and enhanced
absorption of Calcium Pantothenate

  • Affinity of Cellular uptake of Biotin & Calcium Pantothenate mediated through same Sodiumdependant multivitamin transporter (SMVT) is same for Biotin & Calcium Pantothenate

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