Anpecia-sol.-504x336 Anpecia sol
  • Dosage:
    1 ml (5 sprays) of the solution to the affected areas
    of the scalp twice daily (maximum total daily dose is 2 ml)
  • Metered Dose Spray Benefits:
    · Ease of Application
    · Lesser Dripping and loss from application site
    · Better Accuracy of Dosage
Arrests the progression of Androgenetic Alopecia by addressing Perifollicular Fibrosis which is a key physiological factor in progression of Androgenetic Alopecia

  • Inhibits the expression of Lysyl Hydroxylase
  • Leads to the thinning of Collagen Fibres
  • Decreases Galactose incorporation into collagen Fibres
  • Arrests the Progression of AGA

A recent published article in the Indian Journal of Dermatology reveals only 55% of Androgenetic Alopecia patients with Perifollicular Fibrosis had hair growth in response to PLAIN MINOXIDIL.


  • Minoxidil 5%
  • Aminexil 1.5%


  • Androgenetic Alopecia
    (Male Pattern Baldness)
  • Drug Induced Hair Loss
  • Alopecia Areata


  • Potent vasodilator, stimulates the growth of terminal hair from vellus or
    miniaturized follicles in balding scalp
    Society for Investigative Dermatology 2012
  • Increases microcirculation at the root of the hair follicle thereby stimulating
    hair growth
    Handbook of Dermatological Drug therapy 2011
  • Maintains good vascularization of hair follicles in Androgenetic Alopecia
    BJD Volume 138, issue 3, Pages 407-411, March 1998
  • Well tolerated by most people & is safe to use both in men & women
  • No effect other than reduction in rate of hair loss is seen during the first
    months of therapy
    Handbook of Dermatological Drug Therapy 2011
  • A World Wide Study proves that Aminexil results in 8% increase in hair
    thickness within 6 weeks compared to placebo.
  • ANPECIA provides additional benefits of Aminexil for addressing Perifollicular
  • ANPECIA Enables DUAL ATTACK on both Pathophysiological factors of AGA

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