Adorg-b-265x177 Adorg-B

Adorg-B Gel Rs.321.08


  • First line treatment for both comedonal & inflammatory acne
  • Reduces the non-inflammatory, inflammatory and total facial lesions in patients with mild to moderate acne
    Drugs March 1997, Volume 53, Issue 3, Pp 511-519
  • Modulates keratinization and possesses anti-inflammatory activity
  • Stops pimples from forming under the surface of skin
  • Safe & effective topical agent in the treatment of mild to moderate acne vulgaris
    Indian Journal of Dermatology 2003; 69(4):277-80
  • FDA approved in the treatment of acne vulgaris
  • Penetrates pilosebaceous units because it is incorporated into micro crystals that penetrate the follicle
    Br.J. Dermatol 1997; 139(suppl.52)1-2
  • Causes less skin irritationĀ J. Am.Acad.Dermatol1997:36(suppl.) 5126-34

  • Produces prompt suppression of acne lesions of all types
  • Controls acne through desquamation, keratolysis, free fatty acid reduction and drying, plus anti bacterial action
    AAD 68th Annual Meeting: Abstract 711. Presented March 6, 2010
  • Best agent for Grade 1 acne vulgaris
  • Clear acne blemishes, helps prevents the appearance of new blemishes & promotes clear, healthy skin


  • Adapalene 0.1%w/w
  • Anhydrous Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5% w/w


  • Complementary mechanism of action of Benzoyl Peroxide & Adapalene
  • Increased patient compliance
  • A significantly greater success rate (30.1%), than those treated with Benzoyl Peroxide (22.2%) or
  • Adapalene alone (19.8%) or with the vehicle gel (Randomized study presented in AAD 68th Annual Meeting with 1668 patients)
  • According to the patient’s assessments, moderate, marked, or complete improvement was reported for 73.5%, 65.6%, 66.7% and 55.0% of the patients treated with the Adapalene Benzoyl Peroxide combination, with Adapalene or Benzoyl Peroxide alone or with the vehicle gel , respectively.


  • Acne Vulgaris
  • Acne Lesions

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